iLoveEcoEssentials is a range of certified organic or natural skincare & bath products, made for use in hotels as well as private homes.
The products live up to the same strict criteria that we use to screen for only the best and most sustainable hotels, and are produced for us by Madara, a natural-cosmetics company from Latvia specializing in organic and sustainable skincare.
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ECOCERT has certified the iLoveEcoEssentials products to the highest standards, and we are proud to be a company with ECOCERT certified products. 
iLoveEcoEssentials creates upscale products that are transparent, sustainable and designed to reduce waste in hotels.
Our natural and organic products are basic yet innovative, socially responsible and reflect the company’s social and environmental commitment to making the world a more balanced place for this and future generations.
iLoveEcoEssentials is manufactured according to the principle of minimal negative environmental impact throughout the chain of production.
To support our principles concerning sustainability, it is our goal to market iLoveEcoEssentials as a luxury product in the mid-price range – “affordable, high-quality sustainability”. We believe that sustainable and organic/natural products should be available to the average consumer, and not be a luxury for the wealthy few.
Of course, this demands of us that we collaborate with the right distributors, since the products are perceived as lifestyle items – we want to build a long-term and credible brand value, which is why we have chosen to certify iLoveEcoEssentials, and be open about who produces the products for us.