Hey there friend!
Let us introduce ourselves: We’re a part of the ever-growing iLoveEcoEssentials family, and we´re going to save the world! Or die trying – while making you look, feel and smell better than ever before…
Who are ILEE? Well, long story short, we are a group of slightly fundamentalistic eco-geeks, who have worked ourselves into a passionate lather (pun intended) about creating products that don´t harm the environment in ANY way – fearlessly shaping a sustainable future – while providing you with the very best top-of-the-range luxe quality products for your body. And no need to worry about your waste water while using ILEE products – there´s not an iota of microplastic in sight! Which means that ground water, marine life and future generations are safe from us.
Developed according to Fairtrade principals, with complete transparency throughout the entire chain of production, we´re gold standard, next-level quality (but nok known for our modesty..).
Quite simply, we´re a brand-new story.