Dear Past, thanks for all the lessons – Dear Future, we´re ready!  

When we started to develop the formulas for iLoveEcoEssentials, our demands to quality, function and ingredients were huge – not to mention the fact that we wanted to create a really cool unisex product!

ILEE is made of 100% natural & organic ingredients, of course without use of any microplastic – which means that ILEE is safe for ground water, marine life and future generations.

Our ingredients and formulas optimally meet your skin and hair´s needs while giving you the luxurious sensation that only state-of-the-art products can achieve.

All iLoveEcoEssentials ingredients are certified by ECOCERT Natural & Organic, and are made without the use of GMO, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Nanoparticles, Colorants, Silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes or animal-derived ingredients.


  • Natural products provide long-term effectiveness on skin. 
  • Natural products allow your skin to ‘breathe’.
  • The natural nutrients (e.g. Vitamin E, Vitamin C) that the products are composed of keeps skin healthy, while reducing your daily burden of chemicals.
  • Natural products are free of any synthetic and/or toxic substances.

iLoveEcoEssentials, a series of top-of-the-range quality products, embodying pure luxury and enriched by active ingredients that help nurture and care for your skin.