Other information


The company’s legal name: ILoveEcoEssentials ApS
The company’s short name: ILEE
Type of company: Shareholder company
CVR- number: 37691410
Establishing year: 2016
Address: iLoveEcoEssentials Gullfossgade 4, 2300 København S, Denmark
E-mail address: hello@iloveecoessentials.com
Bank information: Danske Bank 3001 – 0011925367


When you have purchased a product online you will receive an order confirmation via email. It contains an order number, name and address of the payer, payment method, potentially delivering address if this is different than the payment address and an overview of the ordered products. It is not possible to view your order by login on the webpage. If you wish to re-receive a the order confirmation please contact our customer service at hello@iloveecoessentials.com


The receipt is the last step in the process. We recommend that you save the receipt and potentially print it after your purchase. The receipt have to be attached in case of exchange of products, cancellation or complaint. The order confirmation that you receive over email is your receipt. It can be used equally with the receipt that is showing on the screen just after you finish ordering.  


If you subscribe to our newsletter you will four times a year receive a newsletter where we introduce new products and awesome sales at hello@iloveecoessentials.com
When you are subscribing to the newsletter with your email address we are guaranteeing that your email is not used for any other purpose. 
You are always welcome to unsubscribe the newsletter again. There will be a link at the end of the newsletter you can click for automatic unsubscription. 


For wholesale please contact: jannie@iloveecoessentials.com
For hotels please contact: mia@iloveecoessentials.com