Privacy Policy

No usage of cookies or log files on the webpage. One cookie is used to prevent survey pop up to appear every time webpage is visited.
Personal information in relation to purchase on this website is registered at iloveecoessentials.com.linux166.unoeuro-server.com and stored for three years to ensure correct handling in case of guarantee or other issues. After three years the personal information is deleted. We are storing your personal data securely but encrypted.  No sensitive information is stored.
We are registering your personal information with the purpose of delivering your order. When collecting personal information via the website we are securing that it is happening with your consent meaning that you will know exactly which information is collected and why.
After ordering you will receive an order confirmation via email. We are an independent online store who are not sharing your personal information with others. All employees in ILoveEcoEssentials have access to your personal information. 
Having your personal information registered at www.iloveecoessentials.com.linux166.unoeuro-server.com you always have the right to require that the information is deleted and you have the right to get insight into which personal information we have registered about you. You have these rights in alignment with the personal data law. Do you want to get in contact with us regarding your personal information contact us at hello@iloveecoessentials.com.linux166.unoeuro-server.com
The data responsible is www.iloveecoessentials.com.linux166.unoeuro-server.com.